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the hermitage

A winterlong exploration into Who You Are

Have you taken your head in your hands this week and said with closed eyes “I don’t know who I’ve become!”or some version of “I don’t know who I am anymore!” Perhaps its the incessant hum of “I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know” that floats around in your head all day even when you put on the facade that you know exactly what you’re doing with your life.

You’re the person everyone thinks has it all together. You’ve had success already and it's just not as fulfilling as you thought it would be. Sure, you’ve gotten the accolades, the promotion, the investment, the marriage, but it is not all adding up. You feel like you’ve lost who you are in all of it. Where did you go? And more importantly - were you ever REALLY there?

When you look around your own life - what do you see? Are you feeling guilty that you’re not living your life in the way that you know you’re meant to? Are you feeling resentful that you keep giving yourself away to others, but you don’t know how to stop it? Are you feeling bored because you’ve achieved success, but it’s absolutely not as fulfilling as you thought that it was?

Yes. Those are all symptoms of the same root issue. And what’s that? You haven’t been living with the deep knowing and guidance of your Higher Self - the version of you that is actually YOU.

What would it feel like to stand on the Spring Equinox, knowing fully who you are?

What would it feel like to not feel lost, stagnant, resentful, or bored with your life? Beyond feeling amazing, imagine what it would be like for you to have clarity about how you want to ACT for the rest of your LIFE?!


And even beyond that, imagine if miracles happened all winter while you were doing this work? Imagine you met your soulmate? Found a new job? Were able to mend a relationship with a loved one? Had a sudden epiphany into how to grow your company or business unit?


What would it feel like for you to know what your unique gifts are? And how to use them? What if I told you that what you thought you were good at or known for was just the TIP of the iceberg of your Higher Self?

All of this is possible when you do the WORK - the inner work.  When your inner world takes precedent, your outer world follows. It’s energetic law, but more literally, it’s how our brains work. Ah yes, but much more on that inside The Hermitage.


Winter Outfit
House in the Woods
Snow Covered Trees

Introducing the


As the darkness descends on the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to turn inward. We are given the opportunity to delve into ourselves. Winter teaches us this. The key to impacting your outer world is through your inner world.


Commencing on the New Moon of the New Year (January 6th) and ending on the Full Moon of the Spring Equinox (March 20th), I will guide you on an intuitive, cosmically guided 11-week journey into the depths of who YOU are. Part spiritual, part psychological, part physical this sacred turning inwards will illuminate your darkest corners and deepest mysteries, untethering you from anything that holds you back from your Highest Self. When Spring arrives, you will be ready to expand from the soil of your discovery, having taken root during the dark months and ready to grow outwards towards the sun.

This virtual 10-person group program is an ACTIVE in-your life retreat that happens as your life does. In fact, the more that your life is happening at the same time, the more you can integrate your learnings right into it. I will act as your guide.

The structure of the program during these sacred 11 weeks together will include:

30-minute 1:1 Introduction Session (by phone) where we discuss your unique needs


Weekly 90-minute group sessions (on Zoom) where I share intuitively informed lessons for the group, including time for Q&A (and some laser coaching)


Thoughtfully designed homework in between group sessions


Weekly 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions (by phone) to address your personal growth


Private FB Group to house the weekly group recordings and to hold online discussions about topics

The content of each week is completely customized and intuitively designed to cater to the unique energy of the group. Main themes will likely include:


Stepping into your Power (so that you can see your Vision)

Accessing your Divine Nature (and applying it to your reality, now)


The Many Faces of Fear (and how to move through it)

Hearing and Honoring Your Intuition (and how it guides you towards impactful action)

Whole Self Care (and how your power to make an impact outside of yourself is dependent on it)

Meet Your Guide

emily 4.jpg

My name is Emily Fowler Pellen and I am a successful entrepreneur and coach. I started a world-changing company in 2011, grew it to a point where NASA was one of our clients, and stepped away in late 2015. I took time to understand my Self during 2016 and realized what my tremendous gifts were. With those in my heart, I created my coaching company where I spend my days helping people to see who they really are, and not who they have been told that they are. I have worked with over 50 one-on-one private clients during the past two years where I act as a guide to their personal transformation. I’ve lead them through their unique journeys from stress, anxiety, and fear, into clarity, power, and true integration of all the aspects of who they are.

My unique gifts allow me to sense the deep reasons for your patterns - the very things that keep you from having what you want. I sense this on a unconscious level, which is where 80% of your power lives. My mission is simple: personal development is the key to global evolution. Inside of our personal experiences, we create the collective reality. When we take good care of ourselves from a place of Truth, we become the best versions of ourselves. In short, the world becomes healthier.


My work has allowed me to enter into some of the most important conversations of our time - including the United Nations Peace Summit and the Federal level of the Canadian Government. For you, I take these experiences and help you to uniquely discover who you are. With that knowledge in hand, you can express yourself freely in any and all realms of your life. In short, you can truly make the impact that you are here to make!

My passion is in helping people to step out of their fears and into their power. When this happens, an entirely new world opens up for them and that’s where some tremendous "miracles" have happened including:

  • Reduced flair-ups from autoimmune diseases

  • Finding their soulmate after searching for years with no success

  • Having investors unexpectedly approach with 7-figure level capital

  • Doubled their already 8-figure revenue

I am a Certified Professional Coach and ELI-Master Practitioner through the prestigious Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, an accredited program through the International Coach Federation.

So, what are you waiting for?

I mean that genuinely. Here are some questions I sense you might be having.

Q: “Emily, how do I access my Higher Self?”

By doing inner work, the “portals” open up.

Q: “I’m sorry. What?! I have no idea what that means. Please expand.”

You have a series of patterns within your brain and your body and even your energy that have dictated how you live your life. Since they are so ingrained, you don’t notice them. However, what you DO notice is that you have this nagging feeling that something is “off”. That’s an aspect of Your Higher Self that is trying to get your attention. We do all kinds of work together to unleash that part of you that can make itself heard. We also do work to “deprogram” those patterns that have run on autopilot for many many many years.

Q: “Can I do this work on my own without you?”

Of course you can! Inner work doesn’t have to be done with a guide. If you’re called to do it on your own, go for it. What I can tell you though is that that road will take longer. The main reason is that you can’t see in the dark. It’s difficult to see your blind spots and its actually within those shadowy parts of yourself that the keys to your path forward are hiding. It’s kind of like saying...a brain surgeon can’t really do brain surgery on themselves. It is not impossible, just harder and longer. I know this because I’ve taken my own journey alone AND with a coach. Both ways of doing your journey are important. Guess what? You choose what’s best for you right now.


If you’re feeling like you do want to do this work together, I look forward to leveraging all of my abilities to your benefit. I provide a fresh perspective on your life that you can’t see. When you have that experience of seeing what’s actually ailing you and being able to DO something about it, you feel free. From the bottom of my heart, you deserve to feel this way in your life.

Q: “Why is this in a group format? Can I work with you alone if I’m not interested in being in a group?”



This is the first group offering I’ve ever provided because a highly personalized approach to personal transformation is of the utmost importance to me. In short, there is no templated approach to help YOU get to where you want to go. With that said, private coaching with me isn't accessible to everyone and many people had asked me if I would be providing a more accessible version of myself to the world. That is what you're reading right now!  


Additionally, beyond accessibility, there is another key reason to be in a group setting. There are many elements that affect how much we are able to grow at any one time. A key ingredient to this growth is the aspect of community. I am curating a group of people who will be respectful of each other’s growth. Our group will be a sacred space for you to grow and I will be requesting that each person hold themselves inside of the confidential bounds of our sacred container.

Based on my experiences within private coaching, I have a strong understanding of the main themes that many people are dealing with. To that end, I have designed this in such a way that a group environment is ADDITIVE to your personal journey. It will be a truly unique experience because its based on the 10 of you!

If you’re not interested in the group format of this program but you are keen to work with me, you are welcomed to contact me directly to discuss my private coaching services. Those are absolutely still being offered in 2019 and I look forward to working with you in that way.

Q: “Okay - so what does this cost?”

Well, first, it’s about what your life currently costs YOU. What does it cost you to feel confused? What does it cost you to feel absent? Aimless? Lost? Resentful? Bored?


I’ll give you a minute to calculate that one. How many days go by where you sink into bed at night exhausted and unfulfilled, only to wake up the next morning with the dread of the same day unfolding?


Or how many days do you wake up feeling like anything you’re doing isn’t enough? And how many times a day do you have to remind yourself, “I’m doing the best I can! Really!” Yeah, that’s exhausting. You shouldn’t have to feel any of those things.


There’s a life in which you can wake up feeling amazing, ready to create a day that’s filled with everything YOU desire - fulfilling work, health, financial abundance, close family, dear friends.


So - what would that be worth to you? Naturally, it's priceless! However, this program has a price and let me outline that for you now.

The Program

During 11 weeks together, you get:


11 90-minute Group Coaching “lessons” where I reflect on what themes YOU + 9 others are needing to address and I put together a 30-45-minute “lesson”. The remaining 45-60 minutes is open to questions and for you to share yourself and your insights with the group. I will be coaching anyone who shares.


11 45-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions where we address you directly. You come to the call with an agenda that you want to discuss and we delve right into it. We discuss what you need and how to cater this week’s thematic into your realm.

Thoughtfully Designed Homework where I design what the group and you each need in order to have the greatest insights into who you are. The homework assignments will be for the group as a whole and I may also provide additional homework to you in your One-on-One sessions. Homework could be anything from journal exercises, activities in the world, resources, etc.  

Private FB Group for Support is your group space will house our weekly calls and any other homework -  I will be in the group for a number of hours each day to answer your questions and provide insight. You can also see each other and connect where you need to feel a sense of community. Growing doesn’t have to feel lonely!

Here's what past private clients said!

“Working with Emily was an eye-opening experience. Admittedly I was skeptical of 'life coaching', as I consider myself someone who is self-aware and has spent years being reflective and critical but I quickly realized that I had only been scratching the surface. She quickly established a safe, judgement free environment that allowed me to openly explore myself. Emily challenged me and helped me establish a new model and criteria for which to base future decisions off of - One that allows me to be more honest and true to myself. One that is rooted in a more authentic and loving me. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions of my life was to give life coaching a try with Emily.” - BN, Director, New York

“Emily is a witch. There’s really no other way to put it. It’s like she has a crystal ball or something - she just looks at you and knows how to guide you to get you to see yourself.” - JH, CCO, Boston

“After a difficult 2015, I needed to rebuild myself. Working with Emily changed the way that I experienced my work life and allowed me to become a leader in my career. My confidence was rebuilt. My self doubt decreased. I became super organized and proactive about my career plans. I experienced self compassion and allowed myself to make mistakes. I became aware of my negative internal talk and am now able to fend it off and even laugh at it! I gained perspective about other people's intentions, allowing me to fully and authentically communicate with my work team. And even more than that? Everyday, I wake up feeling capable, worthy and powerful.” - SR, EVP, Chicago

“Emily is an extremely focused and highly-skilled coach. She is a natural leader with a generosity not often seen in people with her level of experience. She has been a grounding and inspirational force allowing both my entrepreneurial passion and business clarity to thrive.” - AL, CEO, London

“From the moment I met her, I knew she was special and she has continuously proved my original hunch correct.  Emily simply has the amazing ability to help me get to the root cause of an issue, address it, and then help me discover my own answers and my own power.  It simply doesn’t get better than that." - MR, CEO, Detroit

“As a result of working with Emily as a coach, I have become a more conscientious leader. This higher level of consciousness has transcended into every area of my life, perhaps most notably in my profession as a leader in the ever-changing, dynamic field of contemporary marketing agencies. Marketing in a digital world is filled with opportunities, yet keeping up with the pace of disruption challenges even the most savvy and gifted leaders in our organization. Coaching leaders in this environment requires masterful skills of intuition that Emily has helped me find and sharpen. The result is that I am able to help our organization move quickly and in line with our values and our truth. This creates a powerful resonance within our leadership ranks that permeates through to those they lead and work with. Thank you, Emily, for your masterful coaching skills that helped me get beneath the surface layers of life that I had been skimming, to go deeper and higher, to the benefit of myself and others.” - RH, Managing Director, Kansas City 

“Within just 12 sessions I became more aware of myself and why I was making certain decisions than I had ever previously been. Emily helped move me through major blocks that were holding me back; I gained an immense amount of confidence during our work together. Her insight and curiosity allowed for a professional, but also light-hearted experience that made me look forward to every session to come! There aren't enough words to describe how truly life changing a coaching session with Emily can be! You won't regret it.” - BM, CEO, Cincinnati 

"Emily was able to take me on a journey where I discovered things about myself that I didn't think possible while also breaking me out of my daily routines that were impeding my growth.  She was able to get me to take action on things that I had been indecisive about for years and realize that I was able to accomplish much more only if I would get out of my own way."

- JC, COO, Boston

"When I met Emily, I knew she was the coach for me. Her energy and intuitiveness is unmatched. Emily has an impeccable way of balancing her strategic, yet personal approach, and has a unique ability to recognize patterns throughout the coaching journey. More than anything, Emily has taught me how to tap into my internal tools, identify my struggles, and overcome the boundaries that I set for myself."

- LM, CEO & YouTube Influencer, New York

“Emily has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of who I am and how I work.  She reminded me how much control I have and that I get to decide how to tackle what life throws at me. Each session was a breakthrough – sometimes a huge one. Each conversation helped me to grow a bit bigger and have a better idea on my next steps. Emily’s empathy is so high. I felt that sometimes she could hear me thinking. When I met Emily in person (we had phone sessions) I felt I was meeting one of my best friends. In a few sessions, she became someone I could truly count on.” - SP, SVP, Boston

Emily 100% made the difference for me at a critical point in my career (and life). Her calm, collected, intuitive and straightforward nature makes her an excellent partner. She is thoughtful in her approach, and steadfast in her support. She has a powerful presence that she lends to her clients through her work until they can find (or rediscover) their own. The investment was absolutely worth it.”

- CC, VP, London

“I can say without hesitation that working with Emily has been the best decision my business partner and I have made. As new founders, it can be difficult to navigate the murky waters of starting a business. Emily has served as our beacon when making important decisions, strategizing for our future and dealing with disagreements. She is dedicated to helping us grow a strong business. When in session, she gives herself completely – providing deeply thoughtful guidance from a coach and consulting perspective. Outside of session, she’s still thinking of you! She creates customized thought exercises to help you achieve your goals. We feel so lucky to have found her.”

- KD, CEO, Boston

emily 2hr.jpg

If you have other questions looming, lets answer those...

Q: What if I don’t do the homework or I flake out on the calls?


These are classic symptoms of self-sabotage. It can happen when you're choosing to step into a big growth phase. Sabotage is a natural step in the process of growth - if you reach it, it’s something to celebrate, because it means you’re on the edge of a big breakthrough.


This is YOUR journey and so you're responsible for your outcomes, however, I am your coach. You can be sure I’ll won't be leaving you behind.  I'll be checking in to find out what’s going on and how to move through it.

Q: Will this work for me?


What you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. With that said, I’ve got you! This unique group, as with any client, gets my full attention. If I think that you’re falling off the bandwagon, I’ll let you know. And falling off the bandwagon can sometimes be a part of someone’s growth journey. If you’ve worked with other coaches or therapists or other personal development tools and it has felt like nothing has worked, I’ll highlight how one of my client’s put it:

"Working with Emily was a life-changing experience and we identified barriers to my goals I had never thought about but were obvious. I had more a-ha moments with Emily than I have had in years of mentoring, coaching, and therapy. I can really see a path forward to achieving what I want for my life."

- JJ, VP, Boston

For any lookie-loos, I’m talking to you:


“I don’t have $400 a week to dedicate to this.”

Are you sure? Are there things that you can live without for the next few months and invest in yourself? What would it be like to know that you’ve carved out resources (time, money and energy) for yourself?


“I don’t have the time!”

Are you sure? How much time has been dedicated to feeling like shit? Oh and doing things that make you feel less like shit (say, avoiding taking action or even taking actions that are directly sabotaging yourself?)


“It won’t work for me!”

Yeah, that little voice in your head is one of the main culprits in keeping you in the same life you’ve always lead. It wants things to stay the same, even if it’s not as great as it could be. It’s an obsolete survival mechanism.

There’s no other way to put it - this journey requires COURAGE. Courage to say “No I don’t want the same life I’ve always had! I want better and I’m willing to do what it takes to make it happen.”

emily 5hr.jpg

So - take a moment, breathe in deeply. Find your courage and let’s go on a journey unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

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