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For Families 

Empowering Your Legacy

We help families to consciously shape the purpose and higher meaning of their wealth and impact. In short, families reach out in order to expand their legacy into the next generation of leaders. 


Spanning multiple generations, and as these leadership roles begin to be shared by the entire family, there is an opportunity to birth a new expression of family wealth and impact that is informed by the collective vision, personal desires, and professional skill sets of the entire family. 


In achieving this, family legacies have expanded in both their direct positive impact within the family as well as within the broader impact of the world, values that many of our clients have held.

Forest Sunrays

Our Approach to Serving Family Offices

Customized and discrete

Purpose Ventures focuses on those people and organizations who are creating a positive impact in the world and we are intensely passionate about the role that leadership plays.


We help clients to navigate the development of their family leadership. We guide clients to identify inner blocks, remove obstacles, unleash untapped potential, and accelerate achievement. We utilize exponential technologies, powerful questions, exercises, and intuitive listening to propel clients toward actions that last. In our partnership, clients can count on:​

  • A confidential, safe space to share and process events and opportunities

  • A judgment-free environment filled with respect, support, and positive energy

  • A partnership that provides profound insights and invokes optimal, sustained, life-changing action

Services for Families

We offer a Signature Family Legacy Coaching Package for high and ultra high net worth families. With the considerations of the needs of each family, Purpose Ventures designs a unique coaching experience. We work with you to design what your family needs. 


Historically, main topics that other families have desired to cover have included:


  • Creating a shared vision and mission for the legacy of the family

  • Intergenerational wealth (and the identity that comes with it)

  • Parents passing leadership and legacy to adult children 

  • Facilitating deeper personal fulfillment for family members

  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities for each family member that takes into consideration each family member’s skill sets and passions

  • Setting the governance structure and rituals 

  • Sharing and exploring the existing wealth and philanthropic portfolio while strategically planning future activities in order to amplify impact

We can, and often do, work alongside your wealth management team, accounting advisory, and legal teams. We do not provide financial advice, wealth management services, legal services nor accounting services.


Please reach out to us here to inquire further.

A Note to UHNW Complementary Service Providers and Family Offices: 


We have been sought out by some of the world’s most prestigious UHNW wealth management organizations to augment existing wealth management relationships because they understand the value of coaching within multigenerational families.    


If you are a leader within a family office or a financial or legal service provider to HNW or UHNW clientele, we understand that it’s important to grow the excellent relationships that you already have with your clients. More specifically, we know the importance of having multigenerational families in the same room to have important, connected conversations that lead to cohesive financial, tax planning, legal, and philanthropic management plans.


We look forward to the opportunity to outline the ways in which Purpose Ventures can provide a mutually beneficial service that engenders continued client care and trust. 


Please reach out to us here to inquire further.

Client Testimonials

Kind words from Clients...


“Good morning! I’m basking in the glow of an amazing time with you and our family….feeling bathed in love and held by an expert. Thank you so very much for all the work and energy you put into providing the time, space and caring for us. You are a true gift to our family, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we all move forward together after having had such a wonderful experience with you at the helm.   Enjoy your wonderful family, and know that they are so lucky to have you to hold them forever as you held us. Sending love.” 


“I just want you to know that I appreciate you! I’m well into my homework and it feels good. Thank you thank you thank you for seeing me, encouraging me and supporting me in a way that I can handle and understand.” 


“I want to sincerely thank you for working with my family. It was an incredibly productive retreat and I can already sense that there will be changes within each of us individually and as a family unit. Thank you for the work that you do, Emily!”


“We all loved working with you. Thank you so much.”

"What I can say, especially for our our generation is that it's nice to talk to someone you don't have to explain yourself to. Emily really just gets it and really got us. It's rare to feel that way, at least for me, but I felt like I could trust her immediately and that she would be able to handle our family with grace. As the dad, I feel both protective and responsible for my family's well-being and facing that it's time for me to let my kids step up, is both a relief and also hard. Emily understood that right away and helped us all work through those shifts. I honestly can't imagine how we'd have done this without her help."

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