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Hello Founders & Entrepreneurs

Allow me to be a mindreader for a moment...

​You’re here to make a big impact in the world and you're doing that as the leader of an impactful organization that you care about. You've worked hard to be the Founder, CEO, President, or Executive Director. To get here you've raised capital, hired employees, closed deals, set up consistent operations, and provided great customer experiences. 


You've built a reputation as visionary, driven and strong over the course of the past decade or two.


Now, you find yourself at the helm (maybe again) and it feels like both a blessing and a burden. To the outside world, you appear to have it together, but secretly you lay awake at night thinking…


  • Am I making the right decisions?

  • Can I lead my company into its next stage?

  • If this is what I worked so hard for, shouldn't I feel fulfilled?

  • Am I really making the impact I've set out to make?

  • Why is a person as strong as me feeling so much doubt?


When these questions roll in like clouds, you may try to rationalize them or even ignore them. Instead, you'll turn your attention back to your organization, vowing that your focus and commitment will help you through. It has before, after all. You bear down harder on yourself and the team to produce. You read more books. You even eventually decide to take a few days off.


But none of it works.


You tell yourself that you can't feel this way. You’re the leader! You're the role model and a pillar of strength. You can't let people down. When this energy arises within you, it becomes very difficult to be a leader in your organization and, ultimately, your life. 

When you're split between the idea of who you think you’re supposed to be and who you actually are, you will suffer. So will the people around you.

Whether you’re a founder of a $5M fashion startup, first-time CEO of a $50M tech marketplace, Executive Director for a notable nonprofit, influential artist, celebrity, actor, or newly appointed government official, the journey to truly embodying your authentic leadership in order to make the impact that you are here to make is challenging.


You're being summoned into the leader you're meant to be.

Forest Scene

My Approach to Coaching You

You’re here to evolve and to grow.


Everything you need is already inside of you; it’s simply a matter of being able to access it. This is where I step in.  


During our chapter together, I am your coach and thinking partner who acts as the facilitator and conduit to your growth. I am an empowering listener, powerful question asker and guide who helps you to hear and see Your Self. In short, I (re) introduce you to you.

My job is to listen carefully for the whisper of your “highest” self and to ask the questions that it has tried to convey to you on its own, likely without success. These “self”-sourced questions seek to guide you back to you.  Our sacred, confidential relationship allows you to explore the depths of what has held you in the same patterns and unleashes your energy so that you can be the full expression of you. Leveraging my strategic, perceptive, analytical, and intuitive gifts, I facilitate deeper, faster access to your “highest” self - the aspect of you that knows, sees, and understands at the highest level possible who you truly are and what you’re capable of. This is not as esoteric as it may sound. In doing this work, you are able to access new perspectives, tools & motivation that can be used to achieve your business and life goals.

When people choose to work with me, they step into an active reorientation of their lives.  Part spiritual, part psychological, part strategic, my process focuses on the whole picture of YOU. You may enter through a particular issue that you’re dealing with, but it all stems from the core of who you are. Our work focuses there.  As you grow within this experience, your original issues occur differently to you and you will find that you are able to handle them with grace and clarity.  

The goal of our work together is for you to be truly you. To do this, my approach addresses a variety of elements that facilitate an evolution of your consciousness which can include:


We discover who you have been and what is driving that by exploring your history, your conditioning, and your core energy.


We integrate all of the elements of you into one cohesive being, strengthening new pathways in your brain, body and energy through daily practice.


We dismantle anything that has been keeping you stuck or has held power away from you by activating psychological, emotional, and energetic patterns that free you.

Grey Circle
Grey Circle
Grey Circle
Grey Circle


We enter a new paradigm in the choices available to you and the source of energy that you create from.

The process is both structured and organic in its delivery and is completely customized to you - it includes whatever is required to facilitate your growth and doesn’t follow a linear path. I trust my intuition deeply and when I first meet you, I am specifically directed to work with you in the fashion that is meant for you. You will find that I am both warm and nurturing as well as honest and challenging. My energy will shift based on where you’re at within your journey and is always for your benefit.  


If you are walking in with a particularly sticky issue or emotions (e.g. stress) that won’t let you sink into the deeper process right away, we will tackle it initially so that that aspect of your identity can “allow” for the greater process to happen. We will explore where that is coming from and alleviate it quickly. I have a unique talent for seeing complex situations as their “parts” and can work with you to break them down into more manageable elements. In short, no matter what you walk in with, I’ve got you.  

All of our sessions are 100% confidential and unless you tell someone that we are working together, no one will know. 


We discuss what your needs are during a discovery call and we determine what you wish to accomplish during our chapter together. Typically 3-6 months in duration, this timeframe gives you time to dismantle your old being and to deeply integrate and embody your new being. During the entire process, you will be in an active state of growth and will be able to take your new learnings into your daily life. 


As you are doing this work, you will experience breakthroughs in the expression of yourself enabling you to amplify the impact that you’re here to make.

Misty Forest Reflection

Services Offered

We are pleased to offer a few ways for Founders, Entrepreneurs and executives to work with us, including:

  1. Life, Leadership and Executive Coaching in 1:1 formats and group formats 

  2. Strategic Planning & Consulting


When you’re ready to evolve within your leadership journey and to amplify the impact that you’re here to make, we invite you to connect with us. During a 30-minute phone call, we’ll discover if we’re a fit. 

Results & Testimonials

Purpose Ventures was built to catalyze personal development of leaders for the benefit of our global evolution as a collective species. Big stuff, I know. I do this work to help you to find yourself because it’s the most fun, rewarding, incredible “job” in the world. Some say that delivering babies could be better, but you know what? In a way, I feel like I get to be the midwife to the delivery of you to, well, you. As one of my most recent clients said:


“You handed me myself.”


Although each coaching experience is unique to each client, here are some of the most common results that clients have reported experiencing:

Results in Business Life:

  • Increased respect and ability to inspire employees, investors, partners

  • Better team productivity

  • Able to set and meet goals

  • Clear, effective communication skills

  • Enhanced relationships with co-workers and business partnerships

  • Clarity in making decisions

  • Ease in navigating daily demands

  • Flow of inspiration and creativity

  • Comfort to lead within uncertainty

Results in Personal Life:

  • Strong sense of purpose and what is important

  • Stronger, deeper personal relationships

  • Increased confidence, self-esteem, self-love

  • Healthy boundaries and balance

  • Increased, consistent energy

  • Feeling a consistent sense of peace and calm

  • Feeling better physically

  • Better relationships with loved ones

Kind words from Clients...


"From the moment I met her, I knew she was special and she has continuously proved my original hunch correct.  Emily simply has the amazing ability to help me get to the root cause of an issue, address it, and then help me discover my own answers and my own power. It simply doesn’t get better than that. She's my secret weapon."

"Emily 100% made the difference for me at a critical point in my career (and life). Her calm, collected, intuitive and straightforward nature makes her an excellent partner. She is thoughtful in her approach, and steadfast in her support. She has a powerful presence that she lends to her clients through her work until they can find (or rediscover) their own. The journey and the investment was absolutely worth it.”

“Emily has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of who I am and how I work.  She reminded me how much control I have and that I get to decide how to tackle what life throws at me. Each session was a breakthrough – sometimes a huge one. Each conversation helped me to grow a bit bigger and have a better idea on my next steps. Emily’s empathy is so high. I felt that sometimes she could hear me thinking.”

“Admittedly I was skeptical of 'life coaching', as I consider myself someone who is self-aware and has spent years being reflective and critical but I quickly realized that I had only been scratching the surface. Emily quickly established a safe environment where I could explore and be challenged. With her help, I was able to create an authentic model for me to lead from that is rooted in honesty and being true to myself. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions of my life was to work with Emily.”

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