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The Leadership Mastery Course

Upgrading Your Leadership: The Next Evolution of Who You Are 

Hello and Welcome

Are you ready to unlock your true leadership potential? Embark on a journey that transcends traditional learning. It's about transformative growth and tapping into the full spectrum of your capabilities as a leader. That gentle yet persistent tug you've felt? It's signaling that your path holds much more, urging you to delve deeper into the essence of your leadership. 

Welcome to a Pivotal Moment:

This experience is far from your average leadership course. It's an awakening to your utmost potential, a chance to find inner peace and ignite its spread throughout your professional sphere. This is the commencement of your transformation, answering the call to explore the depths of your leadership journey. Welcome to the beginning of a profound change.

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Welcome To:

The Leadership Mastery Course

A course to help you release your fears and gain the clarity, courage & confidence you need to move forward with the life you envision for you and your leadership.

A 12-Week Course To Help You Feel More Confident & Empowered About Your Leadership Journey

So you can have:

More impact

More creativity

More power

Embark on a transformative leadership journey designed specifically for leaders who are on the verge of achieving even greater things.

Empowering clients to amplify their leadership, creativity and impact.

Executive, leadership and life coaching for innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators. 


I'm tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

You're in the right place if:

You're Used To Handling It On Your Own: You've done it all yourself before and maybe coaching is new to you. You're new to coaching and want a way to try out my approach in a lighter-touch, more accessible way.

You're Lost: You're 40 and having a midlife crisis, inflection point where you're not satisfied and fulfilled like you once were. You're seeking something but you don't know what it is yet OR you have lots of things that you want but don't know which ones to prioritize or take on.

You Have Already Been Successful:You've loved helping people and building things (and have been super successful at it).

You Aren't Attracting What You Want (Even Though You Previously Did)Feel like the opportunities that you're getting in your life are not from the places or people that you want. 

You Feel Alone and Have Lost Confidence: You feel alone and diminished but don't know who to talk to about it because, from the outside, literally everyone thinks you have all the answers (and, in fact, they turn to YOU for answers).

What You'll Learn:

Web Design 101 contains everything you could ever need to know about creating a website from scratch, from design to implementation.

How to discover the real reason you're feeling stuck.

How to permanently dismantle the hidden aspects that keep you from moving forward with clarity and confidence.

How to create from the most powerful place within you (and how creating from other places can lead to disempowering outcomes).

How to sustainably embody and care for your new operating system.


What You Get:

Expert Instruction delivered in 12 Videos

Learn At Your Own Pace - Modules delivered weekly

Thoughtfully designed assignments to enable growth and momentum

30-minute consultation call


Course Outline

Embark on Your Transformational Journey:

Module 1 - Discovery: Begin with setting foundational goals and unveiling your core leadership qualities. Explore your inner leadership constellation and understand the power that lies within.
Module 2 - Dismantle: Move towards aligning your inner world with your aspirations, breaking down barriers and unleashing your true potential for impactful leadership.
Module 3 - Creation: Harness your innate leadership abilities and consciousness. Craft a new, soul-resonating vision of leadership, embracing creativity and innovation.
Module 4 - Embody: Develop a consistent practice of your leadership skills, creating 'muscle memory' for ongoing growth and authentic leadership expression.

Course Details:

Duration: Spanning over 8 weeks, the course is segmented into 4 insightful Modules, each comprising enriching lessons.
Format: Utilize engaging pre-recorded content and comprehensive workbooks, all designed to seamlessly integrate into your busy schedule.

This course is a journey of personal and professional transformation, designed to elevate your leadership to new heights while fitting into your life.

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Step 1:

Step 2: 

Step 3:

Your Guide - Emily Fowler Pellen

I'm a dreamer and a doer, much like yourself. With a rich background in personal development and a track record of success in initiatives such as HeroX and collaborations with the United Nations, I am dedicated to unlocking your leadership potential. My journey has taken me from launching impactful ventures to providing one-on-one guidance to over 100 clients, teaching me the foundational truth that leadership begins from within.

As your guide on this transformative journey, I bring a unique blend of experience and insight. My work has not only involved spearheading successful projects and partnering with global organizations but also deeply personal, individualized coaching. This course is the culmination of all these experiences, designed to offer you the core principles of effective leadership in a structured format. It synthesizes the personal growth and strategic insights gained from my extensive one-on-one interactions into actionable lessons for you.


A visionary focused on empowering leaders, my expertise is rooted in real-world achievements and a commitment to personal development. This course leverages my comprehensive experience with a focus on creating a path for your leadership journey that is both enlightening and practical.

"I'm a dreamer and doer, committed to unlocking your leadership potential. With experience in projects like HeroX and collaborations with the United Nations, I've learned leadership starts from within. From launching ventures to one-on-one coaching of over 100 clients, I've distilled these insights into a transformative leadership course. This program combines successful project experience and personal coaching wisdom into actionable leadership principles in a group format, designed to propel your personal and professional growth.

As your guide, I offer a practical path to effective leadership, drawing from a blend of real-world success and personal development expertise. This course provides the essential strategies and insights for significant growth, all aimed at empowering you to become a more impactful leader. You'll benefit from a seasoned expert's experience, ready to help you navigate your leadership journey."

FAQ & Details

What happens after I sign up?

You'll access the course via a unique login on a secure learning management system. Course kicks off on 2/22. You'll receive login details and instructions then. Immediate confirmation email and receipt upon payment.
What is the time commitment?
- Time Commitment: 1 hour per week. 1 hour per week (30 mins of lessons, 30 mins of homework).

What is the course structure?
-Weekly, delivered on Mondays.

What are the technical requirements?
- Access to a smart device or computer

What is the refund guarantee?
 - Non-refundable, committed to your satisfaction: Digital courses are non-refundable, but we are committed to your satisfaction. Please reach out with any concerns.

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"I've designed this course for you. Now, all it needs IS you. I can't wait for you to join me on this journey."



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